Vellset Eco

Enhancing the fruit set and yield in fruit vegetables

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Product description

Vellcuaje acts by favoring the curdling of the fruit vegetables and their yields, in addition to favoring a homogeneous flowering thanks to its high content of tryptophan (3% w / w), molybdenum, nitrogen and carbohydrates.

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Free amino acids
12% w/w
3% w/w
Total Nitrogen (N)
2,5% w/w
3% w/w


Foliar application:

Solution of 2-3cc/1Liter of water

Root application:

Tomato: 2 to 3 l/Ha when the first truss appears. Repeat treatments every 6 days as long as there are flowers on the plant.
Bean: 2 l/Ha when the first fruits have the size of a needle. Repeat after every harvest.
Melon, watermelon: 2 l/Ha when the first flowers appear on the plant (4-5 days before placing bumble-bees of bee- hives) Repeat after 15 days, to improve the set of the 2nd flowering.
Pepper, eggplant, squash, cucumber: 2 l/Ha when the first flowers appear on the plant. Repeat after each new flowering.

The application of VELLSET should be done following the instructions of a qualified technician.

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