Velliron EDDHSA

To prevent and correct iron deficiency

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Product description

Velliron EDDHSA is a iron chelate specially recommended to apply by foliar or root application to prevent and correct iron deficiency.

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Iron (Fe) soluble in water
6% w/w
Iron (Fe) quelated with EDDHSA
4,8% w/w
Quelating agent


Soils application:

  • Fruit and citrus: 5 - 20 lt/Ha.
  • Horticultural and ornamental: 5 – 10 lt/Ha.
  • Irrigation: 10 – 15 lt/Ha.

Foliar application:

  • Fruit, citrus, grapes, banana: 1,5 – 3 cc/1 lt of water.
  • Horticultural and ornamental: 1 – 2 cc/1 lt of water.

Hydroponics crops:

  • Stock solution: 1,5 – 3 cc/1 lt of water.
  • Fertirrigation: 12 cc/100 t of irrigation water.
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