Vellca Flow

Totally calcium chelated for better plant’s nutrient uptake

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Product description

Vellca Flow is the most direct way of adding calcium to soil and plants. It advantageously replaces any traditional way of adding calcium (carbonates, sulphates, nitrates or chlorides) by providing only pure calcium.

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Total Calcium Oxyde (CaO)
35% w/w


Vellca Flow is designed for soil applications for all types of soils and crops. Mix the contents of the bag, seatter its contents into an equal volume of water and stir vigourously. For the resulting mixture into the fertilizer tank full of water with the stirrer on. Inject the final suspension into the irrigation network as quickly as possible.

The concentration of the final dispersion is around 2.5%. From the beginning of growing and depending on the type of soil, apply 3-5kg/Ha weekly up to an annual use of 50-100Kg/Ha/Year.

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