Totally calcium chelated for better plant’s nutrient uptake

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Product description

VELLCA is a chelated natural calcium concentrate that will help your plants’ nutrient uptake and will promote strong healthy cell growth.

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Calcium (CaO) chelated calcium
10% w/w


Soil aplicattion

Optimum rate of application will vary between fields, depending on soil pH, organic matter content and other factors. Therefore, for best results follow soil test and plant analysis recommendations. In the absence of test results use the following as a guide:

Way of application:

Foliar application:

  • maintenance: 200-300cc/hL
  • moderate, severe deficiency: 300-400cc/hL

Irrigation systems:

  • maintenance: 1-3L/Ha
  • moderate to severe Deficiency: 3-6L/Ha

Vellca can be mixed in tanks with most soil applied herbicides, nitrogen solutions, liquid fertilizers, and other farm chemicals — eliminating extra trips across your fields!

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