Vellamin Mix

Biostimulant of plant growth


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Product description

Amino acids, containing substantial amounts of Nitrogen, are essential to plants:The primary function of amino acids is to furnish the essential material for duplication of genetic code, for cell division, and for forming tissue. amino Acids are involved in the metabolism of hormones and enzymes systems. Amino acids as precursors of plant hormonesread more


Free amino acids
12,00 % ww
Total Nitrogen (N)
4,00 % w/w
Boron (B)
0,02 % w/w
Iron (Fe)
0,80 % w/w
Manganese (Mn)
0,40 % w/w
Zinc (Zn)
0,08 % w/w
Cupper (Cu)
0,03 % w/w
Molybdenum (Mo)
0,03 % w/w
Organic matter
20 % w/w


Way and application rates :

Foliar application:
Fruit trees: 2-3 cc /1 liter of water, pulverizing until drainage.
Crops: 2-3 cc/1 liter of water, using 1 to 3 liters per hectare.

Root application:
irrigation : from 20 to 40 litres/ha according to the crops.
Watering localised: from 8 to 10 litres/ha (on tree from 80 to 100
DC by tree).
Watering by injection: from 5 to 10 DC per liter (to repeat the
operation every 2/3 weeks).

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