Vellamin Fe

Special Liquid Fertilizer Amino-Acids with Iron


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Product description

Vellamin Fe is a product designed to anticipate and to correct deficiencies or imbalances of the Iron in all kinds of cultures.

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Iron (Fe)
6,00% w/w
Free Amino Acids
6,00% w/w


Vellamin Fe could be applied even by foliar spraying than root application. Dosage will change depending on treatment, a preventive one or that to correct the deficiency of iron.

  • Foliar Preventive Treatment: 2-3 cc/Liter of water. 1 or 2 applications.
  • Foliar Correcting Treatment: 4-6 cc/Liter of water. 1 or 2 applications.
  • Root Preventive Treatment: 5 liters/Ha. 2 applications.
  • Root Correcting Treatment: 5 liters/Ha. 4 applications.
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