Vellamin Ca-B

Preventive and enhancing effect in cases of calcium deficiency.


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Product description

VELLAMIN CA-B, a product composed of aminoacids and calcium and boron, with a preventive and enhancing effect in cases of calcium deficiency.

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Free aminoacids
6,00% w/w
Calcium Oxyde (Ca)
10,00% w/w
Boron (B)
0,50% w/w



150-300 cc/Hl, which can be increased up to 500 cc/Hl if necessary. It si recommended to apply in 3 treatments, until 6 l/Ha are reached. 

In sensitive apple varieties the number of treatments can be increased up to 5, two, twenty and forty days before flowering, and three, twenty, forty and sixty days after flowering, up to a total of 3 to 10 l/Ha.

In vegetable crops it should be applied throughout the complete production cycle.

Via irrigation: 

  • Cucurbits: 4 l/Ha
  • Strawberry, pepper, tomato: 2 to 3 l/Ha
  • Fruits trees: 5 to 8 l/Ha
  • Banana: 10 l/Ha
  • Vine: 4 to 6 l/Ha
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