Phosphoric Soap

Ideal soap to clean and disinfect

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Product description

Phosphoric Soap is a solution with adjuvants whose use is indicated for the cleaning of crops affected by the molasses produced by any kind of insects. It product has shown that its use has no affects for the normal physiological development of planread more


Total Nitrogen (N)
10,00% w/w
Anhidric phosphoric (P2O5)
5,00% w/w


  • Foliar application:

Phosphoric Soap used alone or in combination with other products, dipping abundantly growing, and trying to grind upward to reach the underside of the leaf.  DOSE: 3-5 CC / L.


Do not use on plants under stress. Make a test application before generalize treatment. DOSE as bio- insecticide: 5-7cc / l

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