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Product description

NUTRIVELL is a liquid bio-activator whose principal active matter consists of free amino acids of L-Cistéine (5 % p/p) and of L-Métionine (2,5 % p/p) coming from the proteinic material hydrolysis, like the collagen and the keratin, which act like activators of physiological processes of the plants treated throughout cycle of culture. It acts of a nutritive element which supports the rooting, the vegetable development and more


Total Nitrogen (N)
3,3 % w/w
Free Amino acids
12 % w/w
Organic Matter
20 % w/w


Root Application:

 2 - 3 litres./ha. Distributed on several applications, diluted in the water of watering.

Foliar application:

  • Horticultural, grassy:   200 – 300 cc./Hl    During the 1ª phase of the vegetable cycle, by renewing the application every 15 days
  • Olive and dry fruits: 300 cc./Hl.  To apply to the beginning of flowering and to renew the operation the every 15-20 days.
  • Vegetables: 250 cc./Hl. During the 1ª phase of the vegetable cycle, by renewing the application every 15 days
  • Tropical, subtropical, banana:  300 cc./Hl.  Lasting fructification, to renew the every 15-20 days


The application of Nutrivell should be done following the instructions of a qualified technician.


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