Microvell Mix

Complete trace elements mixture for correcting a wide range of trace element deficiencies

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Product description

Some nutrients are required in large quantities by plants (Major or Macro nutrients) and some in very small quantities (Micro or Trace elements). None the less they are a vital ingredient in growing healthy plants and in turn healthy livestock, high yields and profitable returns.

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Complexed Iron (Fe)
4,0% w/w
Complexed Manganese (Mn)
1,9% w/w
Complex Zinc (Zn)
0,5% w/w
Complex Cupper (Cu)
0,3% w/w
Soluble Boron (B)
0,4% w/w
Soluble Molybdenum (Mo)
0,1% w/w


This fertilizer product can be taken up by the plant via leaves and roots. For a rapid and thorough effect, this product should be applied as foliar

For a preventive treatment the lesser number of applications with the lower rates given above are sufficient. If plants show slight deficiency symptoms, the higher rates are applied in 3-4 week intervals till the deficiency is cured. Plants suffering from a severe deficiency are weakened and should be treated repeatedly with the lower rate at 2 week intervals.

Dose of application of MICROVELL MIX varies depends of the deficiency.

  • Irrigation systeme: 3-5L/Ha every week.

  • Hydroponic: 4L/1000L of water.

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