Complex micronutrient with growth enhancing co-factors

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Product description

Additionally, MAXIFRUIT contributes to higher production of BRIX (sugar) in the fruiting plant, which promotes faster fruit growth and maturation as well as sweeter fruit flavors, a major factor in market return.

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Free Amino Acids
6% w/w
Suloble Boron (B)
0,9% w/w
Soluble Manganese
0,03% w/w
28% w/w
21% w/w
Soluble iron (Fe)
0,04% w/w


  • Foliaire application: apply 200-300cc/100L of water
  • Root application: 6-8L/Ha


  • Tomato under plastic: repeat application every 6 days during the flowering.
  • Melon, watermelon, cucumber, pepper: apply from the flowering till the fruit set and the formation of the fruit.

Fruit trees:

  • Pear tree, apple tree: 3 application in the first stage of flowering.
  • Grappe: apply during the flowering.
  • Olive tree: apply every 12-15 days from the flowering.
  • Cherry: apply every 15 days starting from the flowering.
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