Special product for ripenning of the fruit

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Product description

Hormovell is a fertilizer with a high percentage of phosphorus and potassium with a typical ripening action. Its application stimulates fruit preservability, sugar content, coloration, flavour and lignification.

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15% w/w
10% w/w
Seaweed extracs
5% w/w


Hormovell is recommended on all kind of vegetables (tomato, pepper, beans, squash,
melon,watermelon, fruit trees, olive trees....
It may be applied by foliair application taking advantage of the phytosanitairy treatments, or by root application through the irrigation system. The most suitable moments for it’s application are at the stages of rippening of the fruits.

  • Foliaire application: Apply Hormovell at dose of 0,5-1cc of hormovell for every liter of water, 2 or more applications from the setting of the fruits.
  • Root application: Apply hormovell at a dose of 2-3 liter of water per Ha, 2 or more applications from the setting of the fruits.
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