With copper phosphite, increases the level of phytoelexines

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Product description

Fosfivell-Cu+N contains Copper phosphite. The systematic effect of phosphites, increases the level of phytoelexines, which in turn increases the level of external damages.

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Phosphorum (P2O5)
10% w/w
Copper (Cu)
5% w/w
Nitrogen (N)
5% w/w


Foliar spray:

  • Fruits and citrus Vegetables: 200-300 cc/Hl
  • Crops: 100-200 cc/Hl

In irrigation:

  • Fruits and citrus Vegetables: 6-8 l/Ha
  • Crops: 6-8 l/Ha

WHEN TO USE Fosfivell-Cu+N: Either in spring or in autumn, whenever environmental conditions or the situation of the crop advise its use. apply early or late during  the day.

INCOMPATIBILITIES: Do not mix with mineral oils, dimetoate, dicofol and products which contain copper. Leave 15 days before applying Fosfivell-Cu. Do not mix with products with an alcaline reaction.

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