Biostimulant for rotation and inducer of defenses

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Product description

Brotovell is a biostimulant compound that activates the immune system of the plant, it helps the plant to overcome situations of stress, decay, susceptibility to diseases and adverse environmental conditions, providing external elicitors that activate the plant. BROTOVELL also has an immunological action that increases the plant's tolerance to stress produced by multiple abiotic factors (drought, high or low temperatures, etc).

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Copper (Cu)
1,65% p/p
Manganese (Mn)
0,76% p/p
Zinc (Zn)
0,53% p/p
Complexing agent: Lignosulfonic Acid


Foliar application: 3-5 cc / L (300 - 500 cc / hl). Wet the branches well. trunk and neck of plants. Do not exceed 250 cc / hl in stone fruit. In vine and vine, in addition to foliar application, paint the trunk with a 1% solution (10 cc / L).

Root application: 5 Uha

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