Essential for Boron demanding crops

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Product description

Boron (B) is one of the microelements necessary for achieving a balanced nutrition in plants found in very low proportions in certain soils, either due to the characteristics of the soil or more commonly due to it having been exhausted after the successive yields.

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Boro (B)
10% p/p
Complexing agent


Foliar application:

  • Olives: 200-300 cc / hl, in the spring before flowering and other treatment in autumn.
  • Beet: 200-300 cc/hl after the state of 6-8 leaves.
  • Vid: 200-500 cc/hl, apply 1L/ha before fruitset.
  • Citrus and fruits: 200-300 cc/Hl, 3 applications en preflowering and after the fruitset.
  • Strawberries: 100-150 cc/Hl, and apply 1L/Ha before the flowering and other after the flowering.
  • Flowers: 250-300 cc/Hl use 4L/Ha in principal of vegetation.
  • Crops: cabbage, carrot, broccoli, sunflower, cereals : 300-600 cc/Hl, use 1,5-3L/Ha.

Soil treatment:

  • First irrigation: 3-4 L/ha
  • Maintenance: 2-3 L/ Ha
  • Deficiency light: 4-5L/ha
  • Serious deficiency: 5-6L/ha 
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