The Company

Over 25 years, we have been investigating, designing and producing biotechnological solutions (biostimulants and vegetable nutrients) with a clear target: improve the way that food in a great part of the world is being cultivated.


Apart from producing our own root and leaf fertilizer, we produce new agronutrients and made to measure products, in accordance with the needs and the specific circumstances of our clients.

Calidad y Medio Ambiente

Quality and Environment

From the beginning we have had a respect for the environment and the search for maximum quality as essential elements of our corporate DNA.

We contribute to the improvement of our environment with solutions that respect the surroundings and help to impulse a sustainable farming culture, especially in developing countries. We also apply this philosophy to the production processes, which feed entirely from solar energy.

Strategic Partnerships

The agriculture sector is living a spectacular evolution due to small and large companies who are working to combine tradition and technology.

We are part of this change and we are betting on the creation of company alliances which impulse the sustainable farming culture - efficient and designed for the future.


Contact us

Text us at or contact us to +34 950 369 318