Vellsam will open its doors and help EADE students with their Master's theses

Collaboration agreement between both entities for the current academic year, as well as in the following ones.

The multinational company Vellsam Materias Bioactivas will help students at the Escuela Autónoma de Dirección de Empresas (EADE) in their final master's degree projects, and will also offer them its facilities to schedule visits so that they can see first-hand the different production phases of the company's different solutions within its Green Areas for sports turf branch, a section in which the school has two master's degrees, one in Golf Course Management and the other in Golf and Football Course Maintenance Management.


This collaboration is the result of an agreement recently signed by Vellsam and EADE, which will come into force for this academic year and will also remain active in subsequent years. The Marketing Director of Vellsam Materias Bioactivas, María Castillo, together with Raquel Calatrava, head of Green Areas, were in charge of sealing this agreement with the director of both master's degrees, Sergio Fernández.


Vellsam will make its facilities available to the school so that students can schedule visits in which they can see from the design of a formulation to its final production, checking where the products they will use for better maintenance of this sports turf come from.


In addition, Vellsam will help the students in their final master's degree projects, giving them different options for those who wish to develop them focused on plant nutrition, providing them with the products and the support of Vellsam's technical and R&D team for their development. The collaboration between both entities is open to other actions that may arise during the current and future courses.


EADE is a private study centre in Malaga, which has been training the best professionals for 25 years. For its part, Vellsam, through its Green Areas line, is dedicated to the design, formulation and manufacture of all types of plant nutrients for sports turf, consisting of different specific lines closely interrelated such as soil fertility, biostimulation or anti-stress, in continuous development for better adaptation to the needs of the turf and demonstrating the effectiveness of its use, achieving healthier plants and with fewer problems, placing itself at the forefront in nutrition and plant health in the most important fields, and always bearing in mind the concept of sustainability.

In Vellsam, we design and produce biotechnological solutions to improve the way our daily food is farmed all around the world