Vellsam visits Peru

Gema Pérez and Jose Ángel Triviño visits last weeks Peru to be with our farmers and they had different talks there to speak about vegetal fisiology in different crops ans showing tools, techniques and products in order to let them to boost their crops' productivity.

Regarding these talks, they were divided into two parts:

- The first one on the vegetal physiology of plants, which delved into the different metabolic pathways, synthesis and catabolism of hormones, absorption and transport of water and nutrients. We also talked about the plant physiology in different crops explaining the importance of the application of specific fertilizers for each stage of the culture for crops of fruit species such as mango, avocado, blueberries and horticultural species such as potatoes, peppers, garlic, carrots. and onion. Always emphasizing the mechanism of action of the product range, its foliar or root absorption depending on whether they were applied foliar and root, its transport and translocation to other parts of the plant and its effect on the plant always focused on optimize crops and improve their yield

- The second talk had a more commercial character, in which key tools on the product portfolio were given to the field technicians to give integrated solutions to the producers to maximize the productivity of their crops.

Taking advantage of their visit to the different cities of Peru (Piura, Chiclayo, Huancayo and Lima) they also visited farms of the most important companies in Peru with crops such as table grapes, peppers, cranberries or mango.

Here you go a gallery of photos of their visit.

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