Vellsam protects crops from diseases by taking its microbiological solutions through bumblebee hives, following an agreement with Biobest

During the next six months different trials will be carried out.


Vellsam Materias Bioactivas, a company dedicated to the research, design and production of biotechnological solutions present in more than 35 countries around the world, has reached an agreement with the company Biobest to use the latter's bumblebee hives to transport their microbiological solutions and thus protect the crops from pathogen attacks.

The agreement has been closed between Francisco Castillo, CEO of Vellsam Materias Bioactivas, and Jordi Portoles, manager of Biobest, and for the same trials will be carried out over the next six months through which Biobest's bumblebee hives will carry the solutions microbiological that Vellsam is developing to plants, influencing flowering and ensuring that the plant in question does not suffer these attacks from pathogens.


Biobest markets a special patented hive through which the bumblebee is impregnated with pollen or another substance to transport the plant, protecting it and increasing its production.

In Vellsam, we design and produce biotechnological solutions to improve the way our daily food is farmed all around the world