Vellsam presents Radivell 75, a powerful rooting agent that promotes root development.

Radivell 75 improves the absorption and translocation of nutrients and water.

At Vellsam we present one of our most recent innovations: Radivell 75. This state-of-the-art rooting agent combines an optimal blend of amino acids enriched with glutamic acid and tryptophan, resulting in an unprecedented rooting effect.

What makes RADIVELL 75 so special? Its unique formula boosts the uptake and translocation of nutrients and water, ensuring that your plants receive everything they need to grow healthy and vigorous. In addition, its ability to promote Auxin (AIA) synthesis naturally makes it the perfect ally to boost rooting, especially in situations of root loss.

One of the jewels of this rooting agent is tryptophan, which undergoes various transformations until it becomes auxin, the key element for the development of the root system and other plant organs. With RADIVELL 75, your plants will take full advantage of this natural process to reach their full potential.

But it doesn't end there, RADIVELL 75 also contains a significant concentration of L-glutamic acid, a key amino acid for the formation of various plant proteins. This essential component will allow your plants to synthesise the proteins needed to optimise their metabolism at every stage of growth.

Radivell 75 offers you an effective way to improve the performance of your crops. Give your plants the best and be surprised by the results!

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