Vellsam presents in Carboneras the 1st 'Bartolomé Zamora Zamora' Academic Merit Awards

The winners of these awards for the best academic records were María Gálvez González and Francisco Belmonte Rivas.

This Saturday, the multinational company Vellsam Materias Bioactivas presented the 1st 'Bartolomé Zamora Zamora' Academic Merit Awards, an initiative of the company to encourage, support and reward the effort that allows young people from the municipality of Carboneras (Almería) to obtain the best academic record, where this illustrious Almerian was born, and whose Town Hall has been the setting for the presentation of these awards, which have gone to María Gálvez González and Francisco Belmonte Rivas, as the best academic record in University Degree and Higher Vocational Training, respectively.


In the first case, María Gálvez González has passed her studies in Computer Engineering, with a mention in Software Engineering, with a mark of 8.28 out of 10, while Francisco Belmonte has completed his studies in Higher Vocational Training in Administration and Finance with honours. The winner of the best University Degree receives a prize of 2,000 euros and the Vocational Training winner receives 1,000 euros.



These awards were presented by the CEO of Vellsam Materias Bioactivas, María Zamora, together with the Mayor of Carboneras, José Luis Amérigo, who was joined by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Almería, Rafael Quirosa-Cheyrouze y Muñoz, as speaker of a conference with the Transition to Democracy in Spain, of which Bartolomé Zamora Zamora was the driving force as a national deputy for the PSOE and signatory of the Spanish Constitution 44 years ago. 


Bartolomé Zamora Zamora was a native of the coal district of Cueva del Pájaro, who was an example of self-improvement as a politician and businessman and who, by combining work and studies, was able to obtain a degree in the School of Mines and later a diploma in business management, as well as developing an extensive career in Latin America, Catalonia and Madrid. It should also be noted that Bartolomé Zamora Zamora was the only coal miner to sit in the Spanish Parliament and played an important role in the country's process of concord as a signatory of the Spanish Constitution, and in the creation of the Andalusian community.


In this regard, Rocío Fernández Zamora, granddaughter of the businessman and politician, emphasised that "the strength, courage and intelligence of the people of the coal industry was an active part of the process of Democracy in Spain" through her grandfather and that "it will certainly continue to be so at key moments after seeing the results in the studies of the young people of the coal industry", who have welcomed this first edition of the Awards with great enthusiasm.


For her part, the CEO of Vellsam Materias Bioactivas, María Zamora, highlighted her father's "overcoming as a value that he has instilled in his children" and, by extension through them, also in his grandchildren. A spirit, which she exemplified by recalling his humble origins and the sacrifices made to be able to study, which they want to recognise in the young coal workers at a time "when there are great challenges facing us as a society and more and more effort and training is required" to be able to face them successfully. In addition, he has advanced Vellsam's interest in extending these awards in the future with another prize for a business project led by young people in Carboneras.

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