Vellsam Materias Bioactivas contributes to the research against cancer stem cells of a chair of the University of Granada

We have made a contribution through a batch of solidarity books that seek to promote cancer prevention through healthy eating.

Vellsam Materias Bioactivas has once again shown its more supportive side with a contribution to a research chair against cancer stem cells at the University of Granada, through a batch of copies of the book 'Cooking with science against cancer', in which the collection It is intended entirely for the financing of these studies.

The book, whose copies have been distributed among employees and customers in recent weeks, consists of a series of healthy food recipes that can help prevent cancer, prepared by prestigious masters of national cuisine, and that make them carry A good diet is one of the most important tools to combat this disease.

This book is a solidarity project that seeks to promote the prevention of cancer through a healthy diet, scientifically corroborated and presented in exquisite recipes, and whose benefits are entirely dedicated to financing the progress in research against cancer stem cells responsible for the onset of tumor, metastasis and relapse of patients. The collection obtained with this book is fully invested in contributing to the research carried out by the Doctores Galera and Requena Chair of Research in Cancer Stem Cells at the University of Granada.

Vellsam Materias Bioactivas has always been clear that self-regulation of nature cannot be altered by the artificial introduction of products that distort it, and that is why research and the development of plant nutrients are fundamental pillars for the company, since these they supply crops as naturally as possible.

Our marketing director, María Castillo, pointed out, in the week in which World Cancer Day has been celebrated, that “we are aware of how important it is to eat well with fruit and vegetables and that this will also be beneficial To fight diseases. From Vellsam we are fully aware of the fight against cancer and that is why we wanted to contribute our grain of sand by giving this book to our team and clients and at the same time supporting the investigation of cancer stem cells. ”

In Vellsam, we design and produce biotechnological solutions to improve the way our daily food is farmed all around the world