Vellsam Materias Bioactivas closes 2020 with new facilities and lines of research

A new area for the study of microbiology at its headquarters in Tabernas (Almería) and distributors and a delegation in Portugal. 

The company adds Green Areas to its catalog for sports lawns and Byecco for the care of gardens and urban gardens.

Vellsam Materias Bioactivas says goodbye to the year 2020 in which it has opened a new facility for the study of microbiology at its headquarters in Tabernas (Almería) as well as new offices in Portugal, where the company has been established in the last year.


In the Tabernas facility there is a laboratory for the investigation of microorganisms and another physicochemical laboratory for the formulation and development of new fertilizer and biostimulant products to maintain the physiological state of the plant at a nutritional level.


In this new area, microorganisms beneficial to plants and the different conservation methods of those interesting for agriculture are already being studied, so that they are stable for the subsequent preparation of optimal biofertilizers that can be applied in crops around the world.


Thus, the company is developing new products that solve essential deficiencies that have been found in numerous analyzes carried out on soils and that affect their fertility. Some of them have already been shown in international training webinars that the company has carried out in recent months, in which attendees were trained on soil fertility and microbiology.


As for Portugal, Vellsam has opened new distribution points and a delegation in Elvas in recent months, a step that constitutes the final phase of the landing in the Portuguese country and which has contributed to the growth of the Almeria company in the Portuguese territory.


In addition, Vellsam Materias Bioactivas has launched new lines, such as Green Areas, with which it provides innovative nutritional solutions for sports turf fields such as football or golf fields, and on which both new products and several training sessions for greenkeepers from all over Spain and national fairs have been attended.


It has also launched in the last year Byecco, a new gardening line aimed at greater care of urban gardens and orchards and attention to their growth and development, with liquid fertilizers and gardening fertilizers specifically designed for each plant. 


Apart from the new facilities and lines of research, Vellsam Bioactive Materials has shown its commitment to both health and the environment. In the first area, during the current health crisis, it has offered PCR and analytical tests on several occasions to its workers; manufactured hydroalcoholic gel, donated to Local Police, National Police, Civil Guard, town halls and residences throughout the province; and flexible schedules, dividing its staff into shifts to avoid possible infections, carrying out an exhaustive task of disinfection of common areas on a daily basis. In addition, he has made a contribution to a research chair against cancer stem cells at the University of Granada, through a batch of copies of the book 'Kitchen with science against cancer', in which the proceeds go entirely to financing of these studies.


In the environmental field, Vellsam has installed solar panels at its headquarters, which has been providing renewable energy to the company since the middle of the year, producing practically all the energy for self-consumption that it needs during daylight hours

In Vellsam, we design and produce biotechnological solutions to improve the way our daily food is farmed all around the world