Vellsam achieves the certification for organic in a wide variety of fertilizers and phytosanitary products

The multinational from Almeria becomes a registered company under the UNE 142500 and 315500 standards by the CAAE certification service

The Almeria multinational Vellsam Materias Bioactivas, dedicated to the research, design and production of biotechnological solutions, present in more than 35 countries around the world, has obtained the UNE 142500 and UNE 315500 certifications that establish the requirements for production, packaging, labeling and commercialization of fertilizers and phytosanitary products for use in organic production, for a wide variety of products in its catalog.


Vellsam has obtained this certification through the CAAE certification service, an international certification body with a global focus for a more organic world, which offers services that cover all the needs of the sector.


This standard was born from the need to unify the criteria that an agricultural input must follow to be considered suitable for use in organic farming in Spain and thus be able to be certified as such following a series of criteria.


The UNE standards are a tool of the Spanish Association for Standardization whose objective is to harmonize the certification of fertilizers, substrates, organic and phytosanitary amendments in the agricultural production sector.


"For Vellsam Bioactive Materials it is a top priority to certify products under the standards of the UNE standards", explained María Castillo, Marketing Director of the company, since "it is a seal of guarantee, of differentiation in the market with a record of higher quality and transparency that is supported by the competent authorities ”.


Vellsam Materias Bioactivas is a company with a spirit especially aware of the environment, designing from the beginning nutritional solutions of the highest quality, maintaining at all times a responsible ethic with the environment and being increasingly the environmental protection policies that the company implements to raise awareness among the population, especially in the agri-food and biotechnology sectors.

In Vellsam, we design and produce biotechnological solutions to improve the way our daily food is farmed all around the world