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We will update relevant information over the coming posts for farmers and all the innovations and enhancements of fertilizers.

We are a company engaged in the development of biostimulants and plan nutrients. We have more than 25 years of experience in the production of fertilizers for every stage on a plant.

All our products are environmental friendly, and also the proccess to produce them, as we have an integrated use of solar energy.

Located in Almería, we take advantage from the know-how of the global reference agricultural city. We export more than 80% of our production from Almería to more than 20 different countries. We are keen on challenges, and we know how to adapt to different environments and problems. We discover and produce the best solution for your problem.


Every client is a new test, therefore we meet their needs with I+D+i projects, offering customized products. We are characterized by our flexibility and permanent monitoring, so we propose specialized solutions for every stage on the plant: from  rooting to fattening of product.

Contact to sales@vellsam.com or call to +34 950 369 318 should you have any question.

In Vellsam, we design and produce biotechnological solutions to improve the way our daily food is farmed all around the world