How to maintain a good vegetative growth: NPK Liquid

Crops need to absorb nutrients that can be mostly taken from the soil. However, it is sometimes needed to add nutrients as the plant could suffer from deficiencies.


Plants rely on the absorption of primary macronutrients such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (K) or potassium (P) to grow and to be maintained in a proper way. Such is the importance of these macronutrients that we must be sure that our plantation does not present deficiencies if we want it to have in good health conditions.


Each nutrient provides specific benefits to the plant, in this way, we can see if our crops need some extra nutrients:

-Nitrogen deficiency.This nutrient provides vigor to plants as well as aiding the development and maintenance of their leaves. Therefore, when the crop has a lack of this mineral, it can be observed that the leaves appear clearer, almost yellow. In addition, this deficiency is first detected in the older (lower) leaves, which will fall off if the crop is not treated. 

-Phosphorus deficiency. As in the case of Nitrogen, the lack of this mineral can be observed earlier in the older leaves. When the phosphorus is insufficient, the leaves show a dark green which then turns into a reddish color. In this case the number of shoots decreases and the plant could become dry if it is not treated.

-Potassium deficiency. If the deficiency is severe, it can be observed in young shoots, which are severely affected. The overall development of the plant is affected, from souring to ripening.


In Vellsam, we have developed specific products for treating this problems. Our range of products called NPK-Liquid is design to provide to the plant the  nutrients that are needed in the best way, in a liquid form. Therefore, we can offer you a product with the practical advantages of liquid products and also with the consistency of solid ones.

Moreover, it is completed with vitamines in order to reach the best product for revitalizing the crop, particularly useful for diseases or adverse weather conditions.

The gel technology based on high quality nutrients and latest generation coadjutants facilitate on the one hand the preparation of liquid to be applied, as it is liquid, and on the other hand the effectiveness as nutrient.

We can offer a product for every need:

- Gel Range 17-17-17. Balanced composition: 17% nitrogen, 17% phosphorus and 17% potassium. Product characteristics and dose.

- Gel Range 7-20-7. Composition focused on phosphorus: 7% nitrogen, 20% phosphorus and 7% potassium. Product characteristics and dose.

- Gel Range 4-16-28. Composition focused on potassium: 4% nitrogen, 16% phosphorus and 28% potassium. Product characteristics and dose.

- Gel Range 33-5-5. Composition focused on Nitrogen: 33% nitrogen, 5% phosphorus and 5% potassium. Product characteristics and dose

Gel Range is especially appropriate for application to horticultural crops, citrus and fruit-trees, although it can be used in all type of crops.

If you believe that your crop is suffering any of kind of carency, do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to help you should you have any questions about our products or services. 

Recommended products : Gel Range 7-20-7

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