Clinical Trial on Macerate Effectiveness with California Pepper

In order to evaluate the effect of Macerated (Humivell 26, Nutrivell y Enraivell) in the growth and development of the plant in cultivation of the California Pepper in the Greenhouse, a trial was carried out in the Almerimar area in El Ejido in a greenhouse with an area of ​​14,000 m2.


  •  Reproductive State: Number of viable flowers, number of aborted flowers, number of fruits set and number of fruits under development.
  •  Pepper quality (external and internal): Weight, size, internal diameter, thickness of the cell wall and the number of locules.


Different treatments have been carried out. During the initial phase, several treatments were carried out with the Enraivell product in a systematic manner, forming the following experimental treatments:

T0: Control Treatment

T1: Macerated Treatment

2.1. Macerated Preparation Process

The doses established for 1ha are:

  •  20 L of Humivell 26
  •  2 L of Enraivell
  •  2 L of Nutrivell

Maceration time -> 3 to 4 days

Once the established maceration period has elapsed, root application of the same is carried out at the end of the irrigation.

2.2. Treatment Schedule


3.1. Phase of Flowering and Curd

Effects of Macerated on the flowering phase in California Pepper

The combined application of the three macerated products favors the flowering and fruit setting phase thanks to the specific organic substances contributed that maintain an optimum rate of nutrient translocation from the root to the flower, enhancing fruit set and subsequent formation.

Control Treatment                                   Macerated

3.2. Phase of fruit’s development

Effects of Macerated on the formation phase and development of the California Pepper

Control Treatment                                Macerated

Effects of Macerated on the morphological quality parameters of the pepper

  • Average weight of fruits

Macerated increases the weight of the peppers thanks in large part to the increase in the thickness of the cell wall.

Control Treatment                        Macerated

  • Nº of Loops

The curdling and fruit formation phase was also influenced by the application of Macerated.

Note that the number of loops is determined by the genotype (variety) or / and by nutritional or environmental factors. Therefore, we could say that Macerated helps the correct formation and filling of the fruits.

Macerated effect on the morphological quality parameters of the pepper

  • Size

The application of Macerated increases the % of peppers with GG caliber.

  • Internal diameter of fruits

The diameter of the fruits is also increased thanks to the application of Macerated.

  •  Thickness of the cell wall

The application of the Macerate considerably influences the formation of the pepper, observing an increase in the thickness of the cell wall of the fruits.


  • The application of Macerated favors the optimal formation of the fruits, thanks to the content of specific organic substances that facilitate the assimilation of the nutrients and their translocation to the set fruit.
  • The application of Macerated increases the weight of the fruit and its cell wall.
  • The combined application of Vellhumus, Nutrivell and Enraivell improves crop yield and yield Greater profitability.
  • The Macerated positively application in the primary metabolism, translating into an effective weapon to obtain fruits of high quality and commercial value.

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