Biostimulants: What are they and their benefits


Bioestimulants have always existed for improving the plant vigor, plant performance and overall crop quality. They have been related to organic or ecologic agriculture. Today it is basic for any kind of agriculture, as nutritional supplement or as a protective tool.


Bioestimulants are neither nutrients nor pesticides, but they do affect positively to the plant’s health. Moreover, they can be complemented with fertilizers and plant-protection products.


Bioestimulants contribute towards suistanable agriculture, as they increase the crop’s performance and quality. Similarly, they increase the tolerance to diseases for plants in adverse weather conditions and in abiotic stress effects.

The results are higher quality and uniform products. They resist better to adverse weather conditions and they remain good longer.

Also it is improved the soil quality, as it is developed microorganisms that help to keep it in good conditions. The soil will retain the water and it will be more resistant to erosion.

Bioestimulants help to reduce wastes. Therefore, there is less costs and the final customer will have better quality and cheaper products.

Vellsam have a great team of qualified professionals supporting I+D+i in order to create products for different plants and for any stage on the plant. We have 6 different bioestimulants:

-Enraivell. Rooting, Activating and Stimulating Root Growth System. Product details.

-Vellset. Enhancing the fruit set and yield in fruit vegetables. Product details.

-Algavell. Special Liquid Fertilizer Seaweed Extract Biostimulant. Product details.

-Actil Plus. Make from purest ingredients for best result. Product details

-Hormovell. Special product for ripenning of the fruit. Product details

-Maxifruit. Complex micronutrient with growth enhancing co-factors. Product details.

You will find information about the products’ composition and all about the dose (depending on radicular or foliar application) in ‘Product details’.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any doubts regarding our products or your crop. 

In Vellsam, we design and produce biotechnological solutions to improve the way our daily food is farmed all around the world