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InfoAgro Exhibition 2017 Summary

Post date 23-05-2017

From 10th to 12nd May, it took place InfoAgro Exhibition second edition in Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos in Aguadulce (Almería). We were really interested in this exposition as there were more than 300 exhibitors focused on intensive agricultura industry.


InfoAgro Exhibition 2017

Post date 24-04-2017

Vellsam will be the following 10th,11th and 12th May in InfoAgro Exhibition. This year exhibition will be held in Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Aguadulce, in Almería (Spain) where the biggest horticultural production centre is.


How to maintain a good vegetative growth: NPK Liquid

Post date 27-03-2017

Crops need to absorb nutrients that can be mostly taken from the soil. However, it is sometimes needed to add nutrients as the plant could suffer from deficiencies.


Biostimulants: What are they and their benefits

Post date 13-03-2017


Bioestimulants have always existed for improving the plant vigor, plant performance and overall crop quality. They have been related to organic or ecologic agriculture. Today it is basic for any kind of agriculture, as nutritional supplement or as a protective tool.


How to identify my soil farm?

Post date 01-03-2017

The soil farm is the most important asset for any farmer. It is the basis of your business, and therefore, you must be fully taken care of it. The keys to maintain good health in the floor are: knowing the type of soil we have and supplying the nutrients it requires. We must learn to take care of the soil to give back the nutrients we subtract when growing.


Welcome to our blog!

Post date 13-02-2017

We will update relevant information over the coming posts for farmers and all the innovations and enhancements of fertilizers.


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